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The primary purpose of a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is to evaluate the principle building systems.

The  secondary purpose is to assign preliminary budget figures for building elements which are expected  to exceed their expected service lives.

Site characteristics such as structure, roof, mechanical,  electrical, plumbing and egress are typically included.

Our reports include captioned photos for clarification as well as recommendations for corrective action.

We  usually utilize the ASTM Standard E 2018-08 as a guideline for Property  Condition Assessments.

An Environmental  Site Assessment /  Phase I report will alert interested parties when environmental  problems or conditions are present.


The Phase I report enables a court of law to consider the owner harmless from charges based on the Comprehensive  Environmental Response and Liability Act of 1980.


Do I need an engineer to perform a commercial inspection? Depending  on the scope that you choose, the team may  include an engineer, electrician, plumber, HVAC or other  specialists.

What is the cost for a commercial inspection? The  fee is based on the complexity of the property and the scope that you  choose. The job-specific cost and scope will be presented in a written  proposal for your acceptance.

When will I get the report? 

A  summary of findings can be discussed on-site and the full written  report will be presented within five business days of the site visit.



Corey  is responsive to requests for to  accommodate my schedule. He is detailed and clear in his presentation of  his findings. He is 100% reliable, which is why I always use his  services. He has inspected properties in the $500,000- $15,000,000 range  for me - I trust him. In addition, he is a great person and someone I  am proud to have as a resource for my team. Corey is simply the BEST  inspector ever." -Dana Cappiello

"I  have reviewed reports from quite a number of inspectors over the years.  Hands down, Corey provides the best reports and service that I am aware  of today." -Mark Thomason, Keller Williams

"I've  used Corey Folsom as an inspector for many years. His knowledge and  expertise are unquestionable and his frank talk refreshing." -Kenn Ellis, Century 21

"I  have used Corey Folsom to inspect properties over the years. He will honestly tell  you what is needed to be done and what is not absolutely necessary. He  provides very good customer service." -Michaela Marek

"Corey is the most thorough inspector that I’ve worked with in my 17 years as a realtor." -Christine Cumming, Coldwell Banker

"Corey  is excellent and a gentleman. He arrived at the inspection  earlier than I did, while I was on time, of course. His report is  professional and detailed and easy to understand. Corey is  culture-sensitive. He even spelled "Thank you" in Chinese when he  emailed me the report." -Xinhai

"Corey is by  far one of the most professional individuals I have ever encountered in  any industry: He is reliable, hard working, diligent, incredibly  knowledgeable, attentive and patient. He’s an excellent communicator.
Corey helped put issues into perspective so we could prioritize our goals. Corey is very knowledgeable and obviously keeps up with industry standards and developments. Corey was also available for follow-up questions.
We  were skeptical about needing an inspection, but Corey pointed out flaws that could have morphed into (expensive-to-repair) damage had we not  corrected the potential problems early on. I told our realtor that  unless she could produce an exceptional inspector who was the very best, not to bother spending our money. She immediately phoned Corey. He provided critical information that gave us piece of mind and is a person we wholeheartedly recommend." -Tess Howard

"This is the person that you want to perform every inspection!" -David Crandall

“Corey  has always done a great job for us for the last 7  years. As a full-time real estate broker, finding good service providers  is key. He has always been very responsive and professional. There are  lots of inspectors out there. Most are good, some are VERY good. I put  Corey in the latter category.” -Steve Friend

About Us


We have inspected thousands of buildings over 15 years. We've conducted real estate trainings and have authored numerous inspection articles. Chief inspector, Corey Folsom is a  graduate of Inspection Training Associates, CDW Commercial Inspection, College of Eastern Utah and the Santa Rosa Ranger Academy.

Inspectors have widely varying qualifications, experience, reporting methods and pricing. We retain qualified engineers and servicepersons who possess all applicable certifications and credentials. 

Protecting  our clients' interest is our daily focus. There is no such thing  as a defect-free building, but we help you understand the major systems  and structures; how they work and their current condition to provide you  with the accurate and unbiased information you need.


We uphold the high standards of professionalism of people who refer us and continually increase the breadth and depth of our knowledge.

E&O insurance with referring party (realtor) liability coverage.

Excellent references available. 

The Right Team Makes a Difference!

Commercial Property Inspection in San Jose

Commercial Property Inspection in Los Angeles

Cities  served include: Los Angeles, Monterey, Oxnard, Palm Springs, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara as well as the San Fernando Valley and Ventura.

Member - International Assoc. of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)
Member - International Code Council (ICC)

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